Update: Leeds Inland Port development, the CRT’s economic regeneration project

In September 2018, this site reported that an inland port is to be built at the Aire & Calder Navigation on the outskirts of Leeds – designed to transport goods such as timber, oil and steel from the Humber estuary to Leeds. This will reduce congestion on roads and carbon emissions, grow business, create jobs and deliver infrastructure for growth. The site is outlined below.

There are Granary and Brewery Wharfs on the Aire & Calder in the city used for leisure and recreation purposes, but the ambition of the Canal and River Trust (CRT) is to bring freight back into Leeds City Centre.

The following project aims are listed in the updated June report for the members of the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) which includes a business plan:

Construction materials, needed to help build infrastructure projects such as the Leeds South Bank development and High Speed 2 rail, could also be transported more easily. The CRT reports that construction will begin in summer this year (WYCA specifies June 2020-March 2021) and 12 months later barges laden with aggregate will start transporting freight along the canal.

The WYCA report adds that, given the pressures that Leeds City Region is currently facing around traffic congestion and air quality, the use of waterborne freight could bring commercial, environmental and health benefits.





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