CLdN CARGO: a shift from road to rail or water to ‘green the UK economy’

As CLdN’s website says, our roads are becoming more congested and decreasing our CO² emissions  is one of the biggest challenges for our future wellbeing. They point out that multimodal transport is growing in popularity and a shift from road to rail or water would have a very positive impact on the environment.

Ipswich-based CLdN CARGO is a European door-to-door operator, providing transport solutions by combining road, sea, rail and river transport modalities.

Peel Ports container barge travels between the Port of Liverpool and Irlam Container Terminal near Trafford Park in Manchester

The Department for Transport has given a coronavirus financial support package for ferry operators to ensure that vital routes are protected and there is enough freight capacity to keep food, medicines and essential goods flowing into the country

Railfreight points out that ports receiving the package of support, such as Portsmouth, Dover, Tilbury, Teesport, Hull, Heysham, Harwich, and Killingholme (Immingham) are rail connected, but government documents are focussing only on ferry-road haulage. Though Railfreight realises it is unlikely that operators will make plans for new rail freight flows in the short term, it stresses that – with the over-arching government pledges to green the UK economy – ship to rail transport will become more attractive.

The Canal and River Trust, which has been responsible for the development of freight activity on most rivers and canals in England and Wales since 2012, would add that ship to barge transport should also be promoted where geographically possible – and that would be an even greener alternative.






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