Thames & London Waterways Forum – freight & development working group: 9.5.17

The Thames and London Waterways Forum has been set up by the Mayor of London to advise him on addressing strategic waterway issues in London. The Forum has brought together the London Waterways Commission and the River Concordat.

The Freight and Development Working Group is one of three working groups, which will take its steer from and report to the Steering Group of the Forum. Its purpose is to address freight and development related priorities and produce agreed outputs linked to the objectives of the London Plan, the Mayor’s Transport Strategy, the London Environment Strategy, as well as the PLA Thames Vision 2035. During its meeting in December 2017 its presentation included the following slides.

The working group is chaired by a member of the GLA Planning Team. It includes representatives from the organisations listed below.

  • Greater London Authority
  • Transport for London Port of London Authority
  • Canal and River Trust
  • London Councils
  • London Boroughs,
  • City of London and Mayoral Development Corporations
  • Waste Management Operator Minerals Product Association
  • Tideway Marine Industry representative
  • Freight Trade Association
  • Local Boroughs
  • Commercial Boat Operators Association
  • London First Development industry representatives
  • Thames Estuary Partnership
  • Inland Waterways Association
  • Environment Agency
  • Marine Management Organis

Other organisations may be invited to attend specific meetings as and when required. The GLA will circulate agreed items to discuss at future meetings and invite group members to register, so that participation for each meeting can be managed. 





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